Saturday, August 4, 2012

1 Aug 2012 Boudia Family Journal London 2012

The agenda of the day was to get in a little sightseeing in Central London. Our goal was to visit the London Eye , Travel down the Thames, visit Trafalger park, Buckingham Palace and try to get Beach Volleyball tickets at the Horse Guard Parade Grounds.

Pretty modest plans I would say.  Of course managing the logistics of getting the Brand and Boudia Family together might be a bit of a challenge.

The logistics where actually quite easy to manage and it was an excellent experience and great fellowship with David's future in laws.

Once again we started at the P&G House to start our day with some pretty incredible hospitality

Our first objective was to travel by bus to the London Eye, we tried to get on a double decker bus but will have wait for that opportunity on another mission.

The London Eye was constucted as part of the millenium project in 2000.  Each capsule can hold 25 people and it takes 30minutes to complete a full revolution.  Pretty spectacular views as well!


The river boat ride down the Thames was pretty amazing as well - the sites and sounds of London are pretty incredible.

More picture and more updates to come. 


  1. Shauni is gorgeous. How do you Boudias produce such fabulous children?

  2. Wonderful picture of proud families and proud Americans!

    1. What a wonderful experience. Absolutely breath taking. Tnx for sharing.