Sunday, August 5, 2012

29 July 2012 Boudia Family Journal London

30 July 2012 London 2012 Journey Redefined continues...

Leaving for Olympic Park yesterday morning it all seems just a little surreal.

Now we celebrate with David and Nick (and Coaches Adam and Drew) on their incredible efforts taking home the Bronze Olympic medal in Mens 10Meter Sychro.

Of course deep down inside we knew that our day wasn't quite so simple.

Our day started early in our "Let" as everyone was up early preparing for the 1500hr start time of the Guys event. There was a bit of anxiety in the air as we went about preparing - of course everyone was so aware of magnitude of the today's event.

Leaving Parsons Green on the "district line" through 11 stops to Westminster, where we dropped down to the "Jubilee Line" which would take us to our final destination at Stratford station - in all about a 50 minute ride but quite comfortable. The city of London and their transit system is incredible!

Upon our arrival we met up at the Westfield Mall with Brand family who is now collectively the other half of our supporting crew. We journeyed through gates into security and on to the Pool, which is an incredible venue.

We met up with Anne Marie Tiernon and Bob Kravitz who are our own Indy based NBC representatives. It is such an honor to be able to share such an incredible journey with family, friends, and neighbors.

Walking into the Olympic Venue is all that many of you have already seen and it truly a remarkable structure. We caught a glimpse of our guys warming up, but of course with all the people in the building we where barely recognizable except for our American Flag and #JourneyRedefined tshirts which depict David's mindset for the London 2012 Olympic games.

The event was incredible to watch, the British crowd cheered madly for thier hometown boys! Because of the magnitude of this event any miss is a dagger and that left the door wide open for Team USA. The Mexico Team had DD (degree of difficulty) like crazy! Thier efforts although a bit risky "paid off" for them and they collected the Silver medal behind the ever so consistent Chinese.

The awards ceremony was special seeing our great flag hoisted in the air celebrating a tremendous performance. It was an absolute whirlwind afterwards as Sheilagh, Sonnie and I retreated across the huge expanse of the Olympic Park to the press area meet up with David and Nick. The rest of our families went to the P&G house to await our arrival. It was great seeing both David and Nick (and Nicks Family) afterwards - these two guys are truly a class act!

We had a chance to unwind with David afterwards before rejoining our family at the P&G House and I could see the tremendous relief in his face and sheer exhaustion consume his body. We plan on joining the families and David together tonite at the USA House which is in Kensington Park. This will be a fun celebration and reunion.

Its been more then a single emotional day... the struggles of the last four years, complete with lifes ups and downs are quickly overshadowed by that massive medal and the firm belief that this is all part of Gods plan.

The Olympic journey continues ... God bless you all!

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