Monday, August 6, 2012

2 Aug 2012 Boudia Family Journal

Our plans for the following day of sightseeing was to spend some quality time with David. 

USA Diving is using a small town north of London as a bit of a sanctuary for the USA Diving Team.  Our plans where to travel by light rail north to Sheffeild and spend the day with David.  They have an aquatic center so he can practice - and its a great opportunity to see some of this amazing country side.

Sheffield has been the location to several international meets and the divers are pretty familar with the area.  The town itself is pretty industrialized with a couple of steel mills just outside of town.  How do you describe another 12000 year old city....  I would say "pretty amazing"!

We didnt' ride in the first class cabin but as you can see - Shaila traveled quite comfortably, as well as the rest of our clan.  It was a very fast train as well.

Keeping in mind the primary reason for our little road trip was to have some classic family time with David, of course its always a bonus when we can watch David practice which we did at the local aquatic center, which goes by the name of "Ponds Forge".

We enjoyed a nice meal, and played some championship ping pong crowning Sonnie as the individual high point winner and Shauni and Sonnie as the team victors.  Common denominator.. yeah its pretty evident.  I am going to have to break out my ping pong table and knock the dust off those paddles. 

We are looking forward to Jeanne and Les (My sister and brother-in-law) making thier way to our Flat so we can continue this incredible journey with them.

We are planning another incredible sightseeing tour of Central London - its truly incredible to see such history around every corner- what an incredible host Olympic city

for now God Bless

jim and sheilagh 

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  1. What an incredible and inspiring journey. Your faith and dedication to your sport and family has been awesome to watch. Congratulations to all of you for your achievements!!!!!!! Pat, Diane, Jess and Jordan Anderson